Beth Wiesemann

beth wiesemann photo

I developed a love of graphic design while working at the local newspaper here in glorious Belleville, IL. In my 24 years at the paper, I worked on print and web advertising, with a special fondness for Flash animations. (Yes, those annoying blinky things at the top of your website.) Sadly, my time at the paper ended due to declining readership, and I found myself reaching out to Nicole Westerman here at It’s Logical. She and Mary Helen brought me on to design and build eLearning modules.

Although I find myself dogless at the moment, I have a real love for the canines, in particular beagles and chihuahuas.

In my spare time, I love to stream movies and tv shows, travel with my friends, spend time with my two nieces and take walks after work. The picture you see here is my after-dark, cold-weather walking gear. It’s important to be seen by oncoming cars as I stroll through my neighborhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one neighbor refers to me as the walking Big Bird.