custom learning

instructional strategy

What does your audience need to know and why? We’ll create a solution blueprint to address your training gaps. Medical device and healthcare sales training is our sweet spot. How can we help you to develop a clinical pathway for your employees or customers?


We’re passionate about engaging and effective eLearning. It’s Logical can help map your learning strategy with a thorough needs analysis, build the curriculum and assess the effectiveness of what we designed together. Our experience developers and expert instructional designers can do a quick transition of static content to something spectacular or build it from scratch.


“Classroom” training (instructor-led or virtual instructor-led) continues to be an integral part of the learning journey. It’s Logical develops experiential learning opportunities which help facilitators set the stage for successful mastery of content with an adaptable plan to accommodate for the unique learning needs of the audience.

mobile learning

It’s Logical will help you identify the right platforms (tablets, mobile phones, …) to deliver your training and design accordingly for a successful implementation with your mobile learners.


Game-based learning activities present information in a new and engaging format. Designed with the 3 adult learning styles in mind (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic), custom games can increase productivity and learning retention.

video, audio, & animation

Animation is a popular educational tool used to explain complex topics in a simple, engaging format. Increase learning retention with audio, video, and animations! These elements can be easily added to eLearning modules.

assessments, polls, & surveys

We develop assessments to analyze your audience’s mastery of a topic. Polling and surveys are excellent options to check the pulse of your audience during live events. Worried about learning and driving the technology during live events? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We can run it for you!