Leslee Clark

leslee clark photo

Leslee is an instructional designer who began in the education sector creating STEM and employee training/compliance courses for public, private, and higher education. She started her education by receiving a degree in biochemistry. Then after some initial biomedical and biotech research experience, she returned to school to get an additional degree in education and instructional design. She has a passion for learning and secretly wishes she could be in school forever. As a result, she enjoys taking additional night classes on any subject when her schedule permits. 

Leslee is dedicated to creating effective trainings and materials to help achieve your company’s goals and desired outcomes. She is a learner-centered designer and is always looking for ways to better engage participants. Her ability to empathize with learners and focus on outcomes allows her to design materials that will meet a variety of needs for all stakeholders. 

Leslee lives in Arizona with her husband, where they are both glad there is minimal work needed to maintain their desert rock yard. This allows for weekends full of reading, cooking, and attending cycling class.